Rip-a-Strip Strip Door

Ribbed RIP-A-STRIP"RIP-A-STRIP", the exclusive, revolutionary, strip door product is so unique that only TMI, the world leader of flexible PVC products, could engineer this state-of-the-future product.

Since the introduction of Strip Doors in the late 1960's, not many new ideas have surfaced in the strip door market with the exception of the revolutionary, patent pending, cost saving RIP-A-STRIP strip door.

No more measuring, cutting, or punching. We do it for you! You just rip and hang!


Why use RIP - A - STRIP?

RIP-A-STRIP is a continuous roll of PVC strip material that is pre-cut and pre-punched to your specific length. The rolls are produced on state-of-the-future machinery where the strips a pre-cut through 85% of the thickness (at your requested lengths up to 16'), punched at one end on 2" centers, and rewound to the original shape. The process is also referred to as "kiss-cutting".

35% cost savings





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