Protective Forklift Fork Back Pads - Adhesive And Magnetic

Fork Back Pads are designed to protect your products from damage caused by impact against the back of the forks on your forklift. Fork back pads are constructed of heavy-duty 40 oz black vinyl with high density foam inserts, available in 1/2" to 3" thickness, and covered with 9,800 lb. tensile strength nylon sling web. Fork back pads fit directly onto the back of a fork and are perfect for protecting bottles, cans, vending machines, signage, packaging, and more! Choose the peel-off Adhesive Fork Back Pad (#AFBP) for constant use or the "Magna-Pad" Fork Back Pad (#MFLP) for protection when you need it. The Magna-Pad features 190 lbs of magnetic pull, which keeps the pad in place. Magnetic fork back pads are easy to install and easy to store. When not in use, just place the Magna-Pad on the side of the forklift. The magnets on the magnetic fork back pad are permanent and will still be magnetized 20 years from now.

How To Measure: All we need is the width and length of the back of the fork on your forklift.

Custom designs are available

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