Protective Forklift Fork Back Cover

Fork Back Covers are designed to protect product and pallets from damage caused by the impact and "rub" when up against the back of the forks. Easily installed by strapping around the fork back, you'll be surprised how they reduce product breakage and pallet damage. Doesn't interfere with fork adjustment.

HOW TO MEASURE: All we need is the height of your fork back from the top of the fork to the bottom where the fork bends and the width of the fork. We will place grommets for installation at top, center, and bottom of cover. If you need grommets placed in different locations, just tell us when you order.

Price: Up to 24" $159.95 per set

Available in your choice of covers: 40-oz black vinyl, PVC, Yellow or Black webbing






To Order Call 1-800-962-3469