MagnaRoo Magnetic Accessory Pouch

MagnaRoo Magnetic Accessory PouchIntroducing another great idea from one of our customers to fill a need to help save you time and money. The "MAGNAROO", as we call it, is a magnetic accessory pouch that attaches quickly and securely to any metal surface. Place it on forklifts, walkies, warehouse posts, or anywhere that you need quick access to stretch wrap, paperwork, markers, box cutters, or anything that you get tired of looking for. The entire piece measures only 8” x 17.5” with a 14” tall pouch that holds a full roll of stretch wrap and 6” deep pockets for all kinds of accessories. Three amazingly strong magnets, each with a 95 lb pull strength, holds the "MAGNAROO" firmly in place. Constructed of heavy 22 oz vinyl that’s made to last. You won’t remember how you got along without it.

Price: $189.95 each

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