Insulated Keg Jackets And Keg Wraps

Our insulated keg jackets and keg wraps are an economical and effective way of keeping your kegs cold. Not just another keg jacket, “Astro-Jacket” is fully lined with the latest space age insulation for maximum temperature control. Using a tough double-sided foil encasing thousands of non-permeable pockets of air, our jackets and wraps are unparalleled in heat reflection and insulation. Easy to clean and hard to tear or puncture, these durable 22oz vinyl covers are available in any color you can imagine. Available in slim, sixth, quarter, and half-barrel jackets, and two, four, and five-barrel wraps, we’ll even print them with your company’s logo! With fuel cost rising, “Astro-Jacket” is perfect for those hotshot van and package truck deliveries.
Keg Wrap Astro-Jacket Keg Jacket
Keg Wrap Pricing:
Four Barrel $189.95
Five Barrel $215.00
Keg Jacket Pricing:
Half Barrel $48.50
Quarter Barrel $39.95
Sixth Barrel $39.95
Slim Barrel $39.95
Print your company name or logo on any of our keg jackets and keg wraps. Imprinting: One time charge $75.00 and $1.50 per letter. Call for quantity pricing.



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