Safety Keg Drop Keg Bumper

Safety Keg DropYears ago, someone decided that if you were going to drop a full keg from a truck onto the ground it would be a good idea to drop it on something other than concrete or asphalt. Hence, the keg bumper was born. Chances are it was someone concerned with cooperage damage and safety. The old bumpers helped with damage but did little to make the act safer. If you have ever tried to get out of the way of a keg coming off of one of the old bumpers, you will appreciate our "SAFETY KEG DROP". Our bumper protects your cooperage better than any other and virtually eliminates dangerous re-coil. The "SAFETY KEG DROP" is available in two sizes, 24" x 24" weighing only 16 lbs and 18" x 18" weighing only 9 lbs. Both are 5" thick to keep them from "bottoming out". We've even provided a large identification label for your company's name. Durable, lightweight, and effective, J. McErins "SAFETY KEG DROP" will help you do your part in reducing cooperage damage and allow your people to unload kegs safely.

Price: Large 24" x 24" $159.95 - or - Small 18" x 18" $139.50







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