Ideal Shield Handrail System

Ideal Shield Handrail System The Ideal Shield Handrail System is made with 1 1/4" schedule 40 steel, sleeved with high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (OSHA yellow standard custom colors available). Assembled using aluminum/magnesium alloy speed rail fittings, you will never have to paint this handrail again. Build completely new railing systems or expand your current system without the costly expense of continual repairs and replacement. Handrail comes fully assembled and offers easy to install, core-in or bolt-in applications.

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  • Offers easy to install, core-in or bolt-in applications
  • Durable yet sleek design
  • Available in sections or as a continuous run
  • Custom sizes and colors available
  • Available with infill panels
  • Removable when floor plans change
Material: Hi-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic:
W/Ultra-Violet and Anti-Static
Additives Standard Color
OSHA yellow
Steel: 1 1/4 schedule 40
Speed Rail Fittings: Aluminum/Magnesium
Assembly with 3/16 set screw
Fastened to plastic and pipe with cup-point set screws
Standard Height 42: Length - all sizes available with post positioned no longer than every 6 feet.
Custom Features: Custom colors available on Speed Rail Fitting and plastic.



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