"GlowRyder" - The ultimate load backrest guard

"GlowRyder", the ultimate load backrest guard from J. McErins is made of high-impact polyethylene. Easy to install: simply cut to length, notch for cross bars, and snap/lock in place. "GlowRyder" snaps in place at the back of the rail and stays put. "GlowRyder" is a versatile load backrest guard system that is easily customized to your lifts. The 1 and the extrusions can be abutted together to accommodate even those backrests that are made of both 1 and flat bar. "GlowRyder's" O.S.H.A. fluorescent lime-yellow color dramatically increases the noticeability of your lifts for safer warehouse operation. Think about how much better your trucks will look, how much money you'll save on re-paint and decal work, and how much your insurance company and O.S.H.A. will appreciate the additional safety benefit.

"GlowRyder" is made to fit all 2, 2.5, and 3 wide flat bar that is to 1 thick. "GlowRyder" comes in 6 sections. When ordering please specify the number of feet needed. Each 6 section can be cut to the length needed for your A and :B measurement.

To determine how many feet of "GlowRyder" is needed for your lifts: (A) measure across the top of your backrest; (B) measure from the top of the backrest down the side rail to the lowest point you can cover. A + B + B = total number of inches. Divide by 12 to get the total number of feet needed. Tell us what size flat bar you will be installing them on; i.e., 2, 2.5, or 3 wide.

Example: If your A and B measurements are 36, 3 "GlowRyder" 6 sections will cover two of your lifts. Any extra pieces can be used to build another guard.

Price: all sizes $18.25 per foot



To Order Call 1-800-962-3469