Ideal Shield Bumper Post Sleeves

Ideal Shield Bumper Post SleevesBumper Post Sleeves eliminate the need for costly scraping and painting of guard posts. Polyethylene thermoplastic sleeve slides over existing guard post. Easily cleaned with environmentally friendly industrial strength detergent and water solution. Safe barrier to use near electrical equipment. Does not conduct electricity. Highly visible. Smooth rounded finish does not snag clothing or cut people. Safety symbols and warnings can be molded into sleeve to alert personnel to plant dangers and safety precautions.

Post Sleeve Applications:
  • Loading docks
  • Handicapped parking areas
  • Fire hydrants
  • Drive-thru protection
  • Food storage areas and back rooms
  • Store fronts
  • Industrial guarding
Post Sleeves Sleeve sizes:
  • #3 Sleeve = 4" ID
  • #4 Sleeve = 4 7/8" ID
  • #5 Sleeve = 5 5/8" ID
  • #6 Sleeve = 7" ID
  • #7 Sleeve = 7 5/8" ID
  • #8 Sleeve = 9" ID
  • #9 Sleeve = 11" ID
Post Sleeves How to determine sleeve size:
To determine the size sleeve needed for your application, measure the circumference of the post, divide by 3.14, and order a sleeve that is slightly larger than the result.
(e.g. Circumference is 21.5", divide by 3.14, result is 6 7/8", order #6 Sleeve)

Custom sizes, colors, logos:
Available in post diameters ranging from 3" to 10" with sleeve heights up to 84". Standard colors: OSHA yellow and red. Custom colors are available. Safety warnings, symbols, and company logos can be molded into sleeves.

As low as $49.99 each - #4 and #5 are available with 1/8" wall thickness for as low as $29.99 each - $11.50 extra charge for molded logo per post shield



To Order Call 1-800-962-3469